A coach's guide to
data protection

Join our interactive Delenta online elevate series co-hosted by Lisa Tyler to find out all about how to protect your business and data. If the letters GDPR give you sleepless nights, join this webinar for a common-sense, balanced approach to data protection that will demonstrate compliance, give your clients peace of mind, and leave you free to get on
with the work you love.


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ELEVATE YOUR COACHING BUSINESS Workshop series is targeted at ambitious coaches.
It will provide them with the tools and give them insight on how to build a sustainable coaching business.
They will also learn about some of the best practices and find out how
to strategically grow their client base. This workshop series is a unique opportunity to
get inspired and learn from some of our renowned Delenta Innovative coaching
community members.

About the speaker: As well as being a life and change coach, Lisa is a Data Protection Officer with CIPP/E certification, working at differing scales of complexity, both in a multinational company and as a solo coach. Lisa helps fellow coaches navigate their way to compliance in a common-sense way.

Learn how to protect your data,
your business and your future.

Delenta offers coaches and mentors a top-of-the-range toolset to explore the full potential
of their coaching spirit. We bridge the gap between coaches and coachees and give coaches the opportunity to spend more time on what they love to do: coaching clients.

During this live event, Lisa Tyler will teach you all you need to know about GDPR and how to go about protecting your data. Data Protection doesn't have to be daunting. In her coaching life, Lisa works with people who are at crunch points in their lives or careers – when they stop and think “what now?”. Similarly, just the thought of data protection can have a paralysing effect on many small business owners. Lisa often meets coaches who feel confused and overwhelmed to the point where it might even prevent them from launching their business! Because ‘GDPR’ has made us all very aware of the risks that our personal data may be exposed to, getting it right will support and maintain your clients' trust in how you look after their data.

Join us for FREE to hear Lisa’s vital tips and knowledge on
Tuesday, 27th July  2021 | 5pm - 5:45pm BST


1- How does GDPR apply to coaching?
2 - What does compliance look like?
3 - Why you need a privacy notice
4 - How to keep personal data safe
5 - What to do if there's a breach
6 - Staying on the right side of marketing consent

 We’ll also be hosting a Q&A session at the end of this
event so bring your questions table for a chance to get them all answered!

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