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Delenta was born with one purpose in mind to offer a complete, self-improvement experience through coaching & mentoring and powered by highly-intelligent and customisable tools.
And yet, Delenta is so much more than that! We are driven by a guiding belief that the World should, and can, become a better place.....a place where people strive to grow, to improve and to live out their dreams…...a place where those with the ability to help make those dreams a reality. So, we have developed Delenta: a fully-featured, intuitive, online coaching platform which was built from the ground up to help people like you become a positive force for change in the World! Delenta is about making the World a better place, through the seemingly simple act of sharing.

Sharing knowledge, sharing skills, sharing expertise and experience........IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY - bringing together people who share our dream of a better future and giving them the tools and resources to make that future a reality.
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It’s all about the community

The entire Delenta team is always focused on fanatically serving our customers. We believe the only way to be successful is to truly listen and create the products and features our customers need and want.


Meaningful Human Interactions and Information & Skill Sharing


Delenta Supports Coaches & Mentors to help them to Connect, Collaborate and Experience


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Discover the Secrets to Growing Your Multi-Coach Business

Growing a multi-coach business can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and tools, it doesn't have to be.

In this article, we'll be discussing the secrets to building a successful multi-coach business. We'll look at how having fully integrated coaching software can help streamline your operations and make it easier for you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

Coaching is now seen as a vital tool to help people’s learning and development, and ultimately to change their lives for the better. Coaches have been taking advantage of growing opportunities and new technologies to expand into coaching associations and larger multi-coach companies. But coaches often come to us and ask how they can grow their business and overcome the challenges they currently face, including too much time spent on admin and keeping track of all your different coaches and clients. Research shows that the average coach spends 6 hours every week doing admin, and nearly half spend a full business day on it. This is time spent not coaching people.

At Delenta, we want you to grow your business and continue doing what makes you great - changing people’s lives through coaching. So we have come up with a solution: an all-in-one coaching platform that streamlines all the aspects of your coaching business.

Why do you need a multi-coach business?

Firstly, there has been the increased recognition of the valuable service that coaches produce, and an appreciation from employers that they should be interested in the ‘whole person’ of the employee. Then the pandemic showed the importance of managing at scale and working remotely. This creates more opportunities for coaches to fill learning gaps.

And as clients get increasingly used to a digital approach to work and learning, this removes the boundaries to coaching. An American coaching company can hire life coaches from the Netherlands to train clients in Sri Lanka. These factors all contribute to coaching now being a $20billion industry and the second-fastest growing sector in the world
according to PWC, with over 6 million searchesfor coaches on LinkedIn in 2020.

Finally, coaches have made the most of new software to enhance their relationships with clients. Coaches can now personalise their websites, manage appointments, take payments online and create digital workflows. These enhance the ability to provide high-quality coaching, but this also creates its own challenges.

Multi-system chaos:

One problem is the ever-growing subscription costs for all the different software that you need to take care of your accounts, clients and workflows.
This doesn’t even take into account the learning curves behind each software, and the administrative hurdles needed to connect systems. Coaches and clients want to maximise the time they spend connecting, and administrators only have limited time to grow their business. The more time that you spend working in silos, the less time you can spend coaching and scaling up operations.

We believe there must be a better way of doing things, but to provide a solution we first had to understand your goals and challenges.
There are four primary stakeholders in every coaching business:

1. Your potential clients (leads)
2. Your current clients
3. Coaches
4. Management and administrators

Each of these stakeholders have their own barriers and challenges. Leads want a seamless on boarding process, current clients want to keep track of all their sessions, notes and payments. Coaches want to coach rather than doing admin. And managers and administrators want a professional experience for everyone involved and have the data to scale up their coaching service.

What would the ideal solution look like?

If we are to imagine a seamless process for all the stakeholders involved in your coaching business, what would that look like?

For leads:

- A way to easily find a coach that suits their needs
- Finding a slick and professional website
- An option to quickly book a free discovery session
- Once interested, a way to purchase your coaching services within a couple of clicks

Once they’re onboard, they would have:

- The option to start booking sessions ASAP
- An ability to send messages to their coach
- A link to find their sessions without scrolling through hundreds of emails
- Automatic reminders when they need to complete a task or session
- Their tasks, notes, resources, communications with you, and their payment history all under one roof!

In a similar vein, individual coaches would have:

- One customisable page where leads can find their skills, services and a welcome message
- The ability to set their own session times and to block out times for themselves -  whenever they want personal time with their family or have a dentist appointment
- Hassle-free payments and automated invoices
- Being able to book appointments, set tasks, and start sessions without the hassle of working between three different systems
- One place to see all their notes, resources, clients, payment histories, earnings and new leads!

And if you currently have multiple coaches and want to keep growing your business:

- Customisable webpages, ensuring your brand remains front and centre
- Fully automated CRM - each time a new lead is generated or a client signs up for a package, you don’t want to have to manually input tons of information in the system.
- Sophisticated data maintenance - one central place which stores data from your clients
- Coach-client matching - to be used when you want to ensure your clients get the right experience, or even if their regular coach goes on holiday
- Automated analytics - reports that show you exactly which parts of your business are running well and which need a little extra attention
All in one coachin platform
This is where Delenta can help you

Delenta was founded in 2018 as a socially impactful adventure. We wanted to help coaches to coach, not do admin. We created an all-in-one coaching platform with a focus on customer experience, streamlining the coaching process, and scalability. Over time we have expanded our horizons.

More and more coaches are coming to Delenta and organising as a group, and larger coaching teams are expanding at a great pace. We created Delenta Teams to ensure that every stakeholder of a multi-coaching business gets exactly what they want out of it.
We have strived to create that seamless experience for everyone to tear down the barriers blocking your company’s continued growth.

How does Delenta Teams make your life easier?

The Coach Dashboard and Coach Portal - Coaches have access to everything they want under one roof! The dashboard displays all the coach’s most important information, and throughout the portal they can create packages, share resources, send notes and tasks, invite clients and check client’s payment history.
A customisable landing page for coaches:
On one page, leads can see exactly what your coaching services are about, can sign up for a discovery session and even buy your coaching package!
Integrated Calendar - a sophisticated calendar, integrated with Google and Outlook, that appears on your landing page. Coaches choose what time they have available and then coaches and clients can start booking sessions where they have a free slot!
Client Portal - We provide the ‘under one roof’ solution that your clients want.

From here they can book and join sessions, access their tasks and resources, send notes to you, check their payment history and even sign e-contracts.
Admin Portal - Managers aren’t left out either! From one portal they can keep on top of coaches and clients, review their earnings, assign coaches to clients, create packages, manage the CRM, and analyse their company through automated reports
zoom integration - Online sessions can be started straight from the Client and Coach Dashboards! No more time spent searching their emails for the right link.

Automated Payments - with Stripe and PayPal integration - Coaches and Managers can create multiple payment options for customers, and customers receive automatic invoices and payment reminders.

Automated nudges - When the client has an upcoming session or a due date for a task, they will receive an automatic email reminder 24 hours in advance. Customers also receive notifications when you add a note, book a session or send them a package - saving you time switching between software.

Seamless communication - From your ‘My Contacts’ page, and the client’s portal, you can exchange messages, tasks and resources. You can also add private notes, so all the information that you need stays in one place.

✅ Checklist :
In case you’re unsure exactly how Delenta can help coaches, clients and managers, we have created some handy checklists.
Grow your business with Delenta
We have spent the past five years building Delenta, but we are not done yet! Through listening to coaches, we are constantly creating new features and integrations, to ensure that as your business grows we will be there to help you on each step of your journey.

Some of the recent features that we have released include customisable client onboarding, integration with Zapier, online course creation, and digital contract signatures. And we are currently working on online quiz creation and integration with Quickbooks to ensure that everything you need for coaching is in one place.Delenta are also working on ways to make the platform a sophisticated tool to manage all aspects of the business. At the moment we are increasingly seeing that coaches want to receive useful feedback from their clients;

Delenta is currently working with coaches to help integrate client feedback into the system. We are also taking interest in capacity management, and are working out solutions for how coaches and coaching enterprises can get the most out of their business. You can see our upcoming features, or for a more detailed look at what Delenta is working on check out our roadmap.

Get to know more!
If you would like to find out more about Teams, just sign up for a free 30 minute demo - one of our team will guide you through the process from the coach, client and admin’s perspective, and can answer any questions that you have.You can also try Delenta for free, no credit card required. Our 30 day free trial allows you to try how Delenta feels from the perspective of the coach and client.





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  • Multiple Integrations
  • File Sharing & 1 GB Storage

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At Delenta, we guarantee that our onboarding process is stress-free and fast. We make sure to provide every
customer with personalised attention so they can quickly become comfortable with their new service.
What's more, if you're not feeling satisfied within the first 30 days of purchase, we will refund the money right away
– no questions asked! So why wait any longer?


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Delenta has everything you need to...

Be better prepared.
Delenta gives you access to powerful tools to amplify, accelerate and automate online coaching business.

Build a successful online coaching business easier than ever.
Our software is so user-friendly, you can migrate your entire coaching business to our software, or start up an entirely new business, in just a few hours.

Never forget vital tasks.
This simple solution will aid you in managing clients, sending invoices, hosting courses, promoting your business, and more.

Gain back hours of your life. Learning to use new apps and tools can be a time-sucking nightmare. At Delenta, we know your time is valuable, and we want your business to flourish. Our platform seamlessly combines live in one, uncomplicated place to help you drive your business forward, not hold you

Try Delenta for yourself

✅ Automate marketing, admin, CRM, finances, and courses altogether in one central hub.
✅ Make technology work for you, not against you. Enable a greater reach, efficiency, and impact.
✅ Create a Customer Portal for easier scheduling, to-dos, notes, and sharing documents.
✅ Spend less time working while making more money, growing your coaching business, and
living your true life’s passion
✅ Experienced unparalleled support. All day, every day, if you need support, our team is ready to help.

Wishing you the greatest success in your business this 2023.


P.S We’re a small business and we created Delenta because we were overwhelmed by all of our administrative tasks and felt like we’d never get ahead. We went through the same struggle as you, trying out every CRM and software combination under the sun. None of them were ever good enough. That's why we made Delenta. We hope you try it out and find that its the perfect fit for your online coaching business too.

What our Customers are saying

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