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What is Coaching ?
Coaching is a process that helps you thrive in work and life through developing your behaviours and mindsets. Coaching assists a client to bridge the gap between where they are now, to where they would like to be far more effectively than if they worked alone.
What kind of Coaches does Delenta Community have ?
Delenta has created a Global network of licensed and certified coaches from various coaching niches. These professionals are there to coach & support you through all of your journeys, whether they be changing habits or reaching your personal and professional goals. 
How do I know if Coaching is right for me?
If you are looking to set yourself goals, whether they be personal or related to your business, coaching can help you find clarity and achieve those goals. By booking free discovery calls with Delenta coaches you can easily find the best coach for you. Each coach publishes their availability on their Delenta profile to facilitate bookings and organisation. By doing so, you can quickly book sessions which suit your schedule.
How can I find my Coach from the Delenta Community?
Our Delenta community consists expert coaches from every coaching niche and area of the industry. If you are interested in finding the perfect coach for your needs, register your interest with us, by filling the above form and we will match you with our expert coaches. You can then book a free discovery call with them to find out if they are the perfect fit for you.
How much would these Coaching Sessions Cost?
Each coach sets their own coaching package prices. These prices are published on their delenta profiles with no hidden costs. We can help you find a coach who fits your needs and budget. And we don’t take any commission its 100% FREE.