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These nuggets of wisdom will help you learn all about crafting a scalable coaching business online. These topics are designed by some of our stand-out coaches from our Delenta community to raise the axis of your coaching business.

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Andrea Morrison
Transformational International Coach, Mentor, Writer, and TedX speaker

Andrea Morrison passionately works with ambitious and kind-hearted professionals, entrepreneurs, and coaches, enabling them to free their innate potential and achieve the work/life balance they seek. An enthusiastic coach and mentor who provides a fresh approach to personal development, Andrea is committed to helping others find clarity and provides a calm and safe space to share and prompt fresh perspective through conversations, ultimately leading you to gain a greater understanding of both yourself and the world around you.

Key Highlights from this video:
Build a competition-proof business, create transformation and time, be different,
create a difference, commit to transformation, play the long game in your business.

If you want to explore any of the areas mentioned above you can get in touch with Andrea
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Delenta coach-site

Kelly Tyler & Helena Holrick
Founders of Speaker Insight
Our trusted partners, Kelly Tyler and Helena Holrick of Speaker Insight explain what you need to develop great lead generation tools. Through helping hundreds of speakers, authors, and coaches to build a business on their terms, they understand what is required for you to grow and scale your business. This training is normally exclusively available to their Changemaker Central members, but they have made it available to Delenta because it's such a vital thing to get right in your coaching business.

You can find out more about them and their membership here:

Sachin Sharma
Business Coach & Influencer
Great podcaster known online as ‘Spoon of Consciousness’, openly shares his coaching journey with great honesty, passion, and detail. He offers a lot of advice and tips on how to grow your tribe organically. Find out how Sachin built up his 10,000+ strong "positive vibe tribe" using social media.

Key Highlights from this Video:
How to build a competition-proof business, create transformation and time, be different,
create a difference, commit to transformation, and play the long game in your business.

Ankush Jain
Author, Transformative Coach & Speaker
Ankush works with both coaches who wish to make a difference in the lives of others whilst growing their coaching practice, and with coaches who are currently in full-time employment and wish to transition into full-time coaching.

Key Highlights from this Video:
Be really clear on what your fee is, every person’s network and style is different, lower your fee to make it easier for people to hire you, experience is key, be professional and
take bookings for meetings and phone calls.

Anke Herrmann
Business Coach, Tech Mentor, Author and Podcast Host
Anke guides dedicated coaches, non-fiction authors and service professionals through the
process of creating the systems and implementing the tech they need in order to streamline
and scale their business online and with ease.

Key Highlights from this Video:
Change your mind — question your beliefs and believe in yourself, your gender doesn’t impact your tech abilities, the technology you’ll need doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of tech and maths, don’t skip steps — ask yourself the right questions, slow down before speeding up, you have what it takes to figure out the tech.

If you want to explore any of the above areas you can get in touch with Anke Herrmann
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Delenta site.

Mitali Deypurkaystha
Book Coach, Mentor, Publisher of 'Turning coaches, consultants & speakers into published authors in 90 days'  
Mitali is a dazzling coach who uses her writing skills to help coaches, consultants & speakers become seen as authorities in their field, which helps them increase their profits and beat the failure trend. She has written 7 business books that have generated her clients a total of $5 million in additional business revenue. She prides herself in knowing that each book written inside her program becomes an incredible lead-generating and authority-building tool for her clients.

Check out Mitali's new Amazon #1 Best Seller “The Freedom Master Plan!”
If you are an aspiring author get your copy here:

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