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Get your business up and running with your own branded platform
All Features+
Lead Management
Profile landing page and Intake lead forms
Booking calendar & scheduling
(Outlook & Google synch)
White label & Custom Branding
Add your own logo, colours and domain etc
Unlimited Features
Unlimited - Clients Portals, Package Builder, Contracts, Files & Coaching Logs
Supported Integrations
Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, Paypal, Stripe, MailerLite, MailChimp & Zapier
Mobile App
(iOS/ Android)
Executive Coaches
Member Exclusive OFFER!
SAVE $200 discount + FREE Onboarding
SAVE $200 discount + extended 30 day free trial:
Enjoy a 100% risk-free experience!
FREE 1-1 onboarding & account setup
Simplify Tech: Effortlessly manage tasks & workflows
All Essential Business Toolkit: Under one browser tab
Enhance Customer Experience: Deliver top-notch coaching with ease
Save time & Cost : 12+ essential tools unified into one place

What is included? Absolutely everything..

Booking calendar
Mobile app (iOS/ Android)
Landing pages
Coaching logs
Native integrations
E-Sign contracts
Notes & tasks
Storage space
Professionally present yourself
and your skills
Not a technology expert? You don’t have to be! Our simple webpage builder quickly creates and publishes a professional-looking coaching site for you in minutes!
client portal
Coach portal
… where you keep track of everything, including your customers, appointments, progress and payments.
Track & Manage Sessions
Unlimited Package Builder
Customization & Contracts
Coaching Logs & CPD
Activate your extended 30 Day FREE Trial
client portal
client portal
Client platform

And Delenta isn’t just for you – it’s an interactive platform for both you AND your clients!
GDRP Secured Client Portals
Track Sessions & Bookings
Resource & Task Management
Message Clients, take Private Notes, or Share them with Clients
Coaching packages
Including introductory calls, individual sessions, long-term packages and more!

Design and sell life coaching packages!
Unlimited Package Builder
Offer Flexible Payment Plans
E-Sign & Contracts
Easy to Create & Share
Activate your extended 30 Day FREE Trial
client portal
Video coaching sessions
Video sessions
You can video chat with your clients on Delenta. Just click on your meeting & join.
Multiple Video Integrations
- Zoom, Google Meet etc
Automated Video Links & Reminders
Automatic Time Zone Conversion for your Clients
Advanced Availability Management
Create & sell
online courses
Turning your expertise into revenue
just got a lot easier with Delenta course creator.
Simple & Easy to Create
Build Program Content with Videos, Documents and even Sessions
Easily Package & Present your Expertise to your Clients
Earn Recurring Revenue with Customized Learning Experiences
Activate your extended 30 Day FREE Trial
client portal
Group coaching
Group coaching
Create group coaching packages, assign tasks to participants, and go live!
Schedule Group Sessions
Manage Group Participants from One Place
Assign Group Task & Resources
Automated Group Meeting Links & Reminders

Delenta Workshops & Training

Frequently asked questions

How do I claim my exclusive 30-day FREE trial?
Follow these steps to activate your 30-Day FREE Trial:
- Click the "Activate your 30-Day FREE Trial" button.
- Create your Delenta account.
- Update Payment Detail to activate your code
What are the additional Delenta benefits for Diverse Executive Coaches?
Members enjoy 24/7 LIVE Chat Support, access to Delenta Workshops, direct access to the Delenta team during the launchpad program, and a free group audit/onboarding with Delenta experts.
Why do I need to enter my credit card details for the free trial?
In order to activate your extended 30-day free trial, you'll be prompted to enter your credit card details when entering the code. This verification process is essential for maintaining a community of verified users and following GDPR and ISO security standards that Delenta follows. But you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any point during the 45-day trial period without any obligation - 100% Risk free
Can I cancel my subscription during the 30-day trial period?
Absolutely! You can cancel at any point during the trial period without any obligation. Our trial is 100% risk-free.
How can Delenta compliment my existing website?
Delenta can easily integrate with your website, allowing your clients to login for sessions directly from your website. Additionally, you can integrate Delenta's inbuilt calendar and packages seamlessly into your website for a cohesive client experience.
Does Delenta provide a mobile app?
Yes, Delenta offers a mobile app with various functionalities. You can access features such as scheduling sessions, managing clients, and accessing resources on the go.
Is there an "About Me" section or a separate tab for personal information?
Yes, Delenta provides a coach site/landing page where you can add your profile, welcome video, and other personal information to introduce yourself to clients.
Is Delenta compliant with privacy and security standards for coaching records?
Delenta prioritizes data protection and security, adhering to stringent standards to ensure the safety and confidentiality of client information.
Does Delenta provide training sessions or tutorials?
Yes, Delenta offers training sessions and tutorials to help users, including virtual assistants, learn how to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. Here are some best practices :
How does Delenta handle payments?
Delenta integrates with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal for secure and convenient transactions. However, iDeal payments are not currently supported.
Can Delenta help in building a website?
While Delenta doesn't directly build websites, it offers tools and features to create high-converting landing pages within the platform.
Does Delenta integrate with my google / outlook calendars like Calendly?
Yes, Delenta seamlessly integrates with your google / outlook calendars, allowing you to manage your schedule efficiently.
Does Delenta have the ability to have an audio / video call online?
Yes, You have the flexibility to link your Zoom, Google Meet, or MS Teams for seamless audio/video sessions with clients on Delenta. After confirming a session, you'll receive a unique and secure link for direct access via your coaching dashboard.
What does the 30-day trial offer?
The 30-day extended trial provides access to Delenta's full functionality, allowing you to explore and experience its features before committing.
How can I customize my Delenta URL?
You can customize your Delenta URL by following the guidelines provided by Delenta. You can also watch tutorials or refer to documentation for assistance.
Do I need my own domain name to use Delenta?
Yes, having your own domain name is recommended for a unique URL. However, Delenta also provides a general URL for your coaching business.
Can I link Delenta to an existing website?
Yes, you can easily link Delenta to your existing website, ensuring a seamless experience for your clients.
How do I redeem my $200 discount ?
To redeem your $200 discount for the first year, please follow these steps:

- Create your FREE Delenta account
- Update payment details to redeem your offer

* Please note that you will only be charged after your 30 trial period.