All-In-One Platform
for your coaching business

Everything you need to deliver your coaching, grow your business and simplify your admin. Our fully integrated
coaching software puts everything in one place: at your fingertips!

Simplify your systems, increase
your productivity

From signing up your ideal clients to getting paid, it’s time to focus on what you do best. Built by coaches for coaches.

  • Integrated video conferencing for individual or group coaching.
  • Your notes, clients tasks, rewards, easy storage all in one place.
  • Set up and sell coaching packages in minutes with secure built-in payment handling.
  • Comprehensive call analytics, scheduled meetings reminders and client testimonial capture.

    The days when you needed multiple platforms and browser windows to run your online coaching are gone forever!  

What our Customers are saying

Real coaches seeing the real benefits of using Delenta. Join us today.

Helena Holrick
Business Coach
I love the 'one stop shop' element. The
team behind Delenta is great and totally  customer-focused. Love the integrated payments, coach notes, CRM, and the integrations.
Brian Hilliard
Coach & Author
Delenta platform helps me to stay organised. I used to have a bunch of different things I had to keep up with - my calendar, online profile, scheduling / booking clients, video chat - and it was crazy! But now that I have everything all under one roof.
Einav Avni
Confidence & Leadership Coach
I’m proud to be a part of the Delenta family,
the only coaching directory I'm on. This is a friendly one stop shop for all our coaching needs: calendar, packages information, client notes and information, payment processing and a whole lot more.
Taruna Chauhan
Consultant, Coach & Mentor
“I use Delenta and it keeps me from having notes everywhere. I know at a glance when all my sessions are for the month, and it helps my mentees keep on track with their actions too."
David Andrew
Transformation Coach
"It's a coaching platform that uses cutting-edge technology that is unparalleled by any other coaching platform on the market. Delenta takes care of every aspect of running my coaching business, helping me deliver a consistently flawless customer experience."
Yesim Mathanaraj
"As a busy fitness & healing practitioner , Delenta helps me to keep up with my appointments & client request. Delenta eliminates the need for systems I'd stitched together scheduling software, audio / video and payment gateways. I am glad I found Delenta."

“What every coaching business needs”

Delenta does all this for you !

Attract new leads and convert them into paying clients
Our template based landing page becomes your business website.
Sleek, professional, easy to create and manage, you can rid yourself of website nightmares and have an awesome  “shop front” for your business
Professionally designed to inspire confidence
and motivate action
Document storage and collaborative file sharing, coaching program management and meeting analytics, session notes, actions and next steps.
Get paid in your own terms
Set up and sell coaching packages in minutes with secure built-in payment handling. Accept single payments or recurring subscriptions. Automate invoicing and review your financial performance at a glance.

Your clients and prospects, in control

Easily track your clients' progress, monitor call duration, notes and actions inside their own professionally designed and secured client portal.

Effortless professionalism.
  • Delenta makes running your coaching business a dream with everything you need all in one place and fully integrated across all your devices.
  • Nothing gets missed - appointments and invoices at your fingertips
  • Offer your clients more control and better accountability, helping you both achieve any desired outcomes efficiently.

Grow and succeed: we’ve got you covered

The fastest and easiest coaching platform to turn your personal practice into a thriving business.


Simple & affordable pricing

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