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Delenta was born with one purpose in mind to offer a complete, self-improvement experience through coaching & mentoring and powered by highly-intelligent and customisable tools.
And yet, Delenta is so much more than that! We are driven by a guiding belief that the World should, and can, become a better place.....a place where people strive to grow, to improve and to live out their dreams…...a place where those with the ability to help make those dreams a reality. So, we have developed Delenta: a fully-featured, intuitive, online coaching platform which was built from the ground up to help people like you become a positive force for change in the World! Delenta is about making the World a better place, through the seemingly simple act of sharing.

Sharing knowledge, sharing skills, sharing expertise and experience........IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY - bringing together people who share our dream of a better future and giving them the tools and resources to make that future a reality.
About US
It’s all about the community

The entire Delenta team is always focused on fanatically serving our customers. We believe the only way to be successful is to truly listen and create the products and features our customers need and want.


Meaningful Human Interactions and Information & Skill Sharing


Delenta Supports Coaches & Mentors to help them to Connect, Collaborate and Experience


The System Grows as
Your Business Grows!

We’re creating a world where, through technology, we bridge the gap between mentors and mentees, coaches and clients, experts and be a force for good in the World.

Delenta ~ de · lén · tɑː
Delen = (Dutch) [verb] to share
Ta = (colloquial, chiefly Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) Thanks

We are often asked “Why Delenta?”

We are a community of purpose-driven people trying to humanize tech. Running a coaching business is expensive, we give you a lot of tools that are affordable and value-driven to help you run a more profitable business.  

Delenta was born with one purpose: give coaches the power to maximize their coaching prowess by removing the most significant hurdle hindering them from living their best lives.

At Delenta, we believe you have the power to decide what kind of life you want to live, then decide what type of business you want to create to achieve that dream life. Either you control the business, or the business controls you – and our goal is to make sure that decision is yours to make.

So, what drives us to make this happen?

✨ A guiding belief that the World should, and can, become a better place ✨

A place where people strive to grow, improve, and live out their dream by envisioning their dream life
and then creating that reality. A place where those with the ability to help make those dreams a reality.

A place where you have the opportunity to run a successful online coaching business that makes you and your clients' dreams come true without sacrificing your mental health, burning yourself out, or creating a stressful business model that causes you to hate the work that you once loved.

To make all of these extraordinary ideas come true, we developed Delenta. Delenta is a fully integrated, intuitive, online coaching platform for client relationship management, invoicing, marketing, & lead gathering tools to make running and scaling your online business effortless.

We built Delenta to bridge the gap between coaches & coachees, mentors & mentees, teachers & students, to be a force for good in the world. Delenta was born to nurture and cherish hidden talents, helping everyone reach their true potential. We are not just a platform; we are building a collective community of change-makers to come together & help each other grow. We believe every day is another opportunity to better your life, or to help better the lives of others.

Every individual has a gift or talent that could help enrich the life of someone else, and to those that choose to take that talent and turn it into a business, we take our hats off to you! That’s why we’re here. We want to support you to support others in the way that only you know how.

We build Delenta’s features with coaches like you in mind, giving you all the tools you need to run a profitable and impactful business.

Why we exist:

Delenta was born with one purpose in mind; to bring the life-changing gift of coaching and mentoring to anyone who needs it all around the world. With this in mind, we created a platform that supports coaches and mentors worldwide so they can reach more customers and deliver exceptional services, instead of wasting their time on operational headaches.

We are driven by the guiding belief that the world could and should become a better place. A place where people can grow and evolve so they can live out their dreams. A place where the remarkable, life-changing results of coaching & mentoring can be shared by everyone, not only a small number of privileged individuals and organizations. A place where those with the ability and willingness to help, can reach out to those who need their services.

We envision a future where coaching skills are taught in schools all over the world.
But until that day comes, we will focus on supporting coaches worldwide to connect,
grow and amplify their reach and impact.  

What our Customers are saying

Sam Samarasinghe
Founder & CEO
Sam has over 18 years of experience
in the IT industry and also has a number of years of experience in working with Tech start-ups.  
He is currently supported by multiple renowned coaches with over several decades of experience in the coaching industry.
Anji Perara
Anji is a certified Prince II & ITIL project manager with many years of experience working in large organisations such as Blackberry, O2, Siemenens and Alfresco. She’s leading Delenta’s product development team globally while keeping the operations lean and agile.

David Hart
David is a serial entrepreneur and experienced commercial leader. David has extensive experience in leading and growing tech companies. His most recent scale-up, ScreenCloud is at almost $15m in ARR.
Taruna Chauhan
Consultant, coach & mentor
“I use Delenta and it keeps me from having notes everywhere. I know at a glance when all my sessions are for the month, and it helps my mentees keep on track with their actions too."
David Andrew
Transformation Coach
"It's a coaching platform that uses cutting-edge technology that is unparalleled by any other coaching platform on the market. Delenta takes care of every aspect of running my coaching business, helping me deliver a consistently flawless customer experience."
Yesim Mathanaraj
"As a busy fitness & healing practitioner , Delenta helps me to keep up with my appointments & client request. Delenta eliminates the need for systems I'd stitched together scheduling software, audio / video and payment gateways. I am glad I found Delenta."