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Save up to 35% with annual billing
$229 billed annually
Start your online coaching business with all the features & tools you need for a successful launch.
per month
Up to 5 Client Portals
Up to 5 Prospects
Unlimited Leads
Template-based Landing Page
Client Management (CRM)
Lead Capture &
Appointment Management
Payment Handling &
Automated Billing
Audio & Video Conferencing
Individual Coaching  
Session Calendar & Coach Logs
1GB Delenta Drive
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$469 billed annually
Scale your online coaching business with all the features & tools you
need to grow.
per month
Standard plan plus:
Up to 20 Client Portals
Up to 20 Prospects
Unlimited Leads
Customisable - White Label
Landing Page
Individual & Group Coaching
5GB Delenta Drive
* Delenta Mobile App
Automated Billing & Invoicing
Points & Rewards System
Coach Promotional Activities
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$699 billed annually
Everything you need to grow your coaching business. Designed for delivering online education and coaching at scale.
per month
Professional plan plus:
Unlimited Client Portals
Unlimited Prospects
Unlimited Leads
100GB Delenta Drive
Delenta Innovator Community
& Collaboration
* Digital Event Creator
* Digital Course Creator
Delenta Promotional Activities
* Delenta Mobile App
* Prospect-to-Coach Matching
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Start your online coaching business with all the features & tools you need to launch.
per month
Up to 5 clients portal
Up to 5 prospects
Unlimited leads
Template based landing page
Client management (CRM)
Lead capturing &
appointment scheduling
Payment handling &
automated billing
Audio & video conferencing
Coach calendar & coach logs

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Scale your online coaching business with all the features & tools you need to grow.
per month
Up to 20 clients portal
Up to 20 prospects
Unlimited leads
Customisable - White label
landing page
Client management (CRM)
Individual & group coaching
5 GB Delenta drive
Delenta mobile app*
Automated billing & invoicing
Points & rewards system
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Everything you need to grow your coaching business. Designed for delivering online education and coaching at scale.
per month
Everything from professional pack
Unlimited clients portal
Unlimited prospects
Unlimited leads
100 GB Delenta drive
Delenta community & collaboration
Delenta digital event creator *
Delenta digital course creator *
Delenta promotional activities
Delenta mobile app *
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Whether you are starting off or an experienced coach we have all that you need under one roof.




Individual coaching
Group coaching
Zoom Integration for
Audio & Video Conferencing
Availability Scheduling & Booking
Session Calendar with Integrations
Seamless Session Re-scheduling
Client Tasks Tracking and Reporting
Automated Client
Invoicing and Payments
Payment Tracking &
Financial Analytics
Scheduling Software
& Calendar
Client Management (CRM)
Zoom, Stripe, Paypal & Mailchimp Integrations
Google & Outlook Integrations
- 2- way synchronisation
Customisable Landing Page
Custom Branding
Coaching Package With Payment Plans
CRM Automation & Lead Management
Coach Session Notes
Points & Rewards System
Client task & Accountability
Outstanding Session
Summary & Tracking
Dedicated Client Portal & Accountability Tracking
Coaching Call Analytics
Client Testimonial Capture
Delenta Drive
1 GB Storage
5 GB Storage
100 GB Storage
* Digital Events Creator
* Digital Course Creator
* Delenta Mobile App
Coach Promotional Activities
Delenta Innovator Community

What our Customers are saying

Helena Holrick
Business coach
I love the 'one stop shop' element.
The team behind Delenta is great and totally customer-focused. Love the integrated payments, coach notes, CRM, and the integrations.
Brian Hilliard
Coach & Author
Delenta platform helps me to stay organized. I used to have a bunch of different things I had to keep up with - my calendar, online profile, scheduling / booking clients, video chat - and it was crazy! But now that I have everything all under one roof.

Einav Avni
Business Coach
I’m proud to be a part of the Delenta family - the only coaching directory I'm on. This is a friendly one stop shop for all our coaching needs: calendar, packages information, client notes and information, payment processing and a whole lot more.
Taruna Chauhan
Consultant, coach & mentor
“I use Delenta and it keeps me from having notes everywhere. I know at a glance when all my sessions are for the month, and it helps my mentees keep on track with their actions too."
David Andrew
Transformation Coach
"It's a coaching platform that uses cutting-edge technology that is unparalleled by any other coaching platform on the market. Delenta takes care of every aspect of running my coaching business, helping me deliver a consistently flawless customer experience."
Yesim Mathanaraj
"As a busy fitness & healing practitioner , Delenta helps me to keep up with my appointments & client request. Delenta eliminates the need for systems I'd stitched together scheduling software, audio / video and payment gateways. I am glad I found Delenta."

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Does Delenta have the ability to have an audio / video call online?
Yes. You can initiate your own Zoom audio/video session with your clients on Delenta with ease. Once a session is confirmed with your client, a unique, secure audio/video session will be created for you with a unique URL to access directly through your coaching dashboard.
When / How do I get paid?
You get paid directly to your Stripe or Paypal account (based on the payment system you connect to) once you complete your paid session/s with your client. Delenta does not hold your money, they will be passed on to you as soon as the client makes the payment, making it instantaneous.
How am I billed?
No upfront or setup fees, no contracts, no cancellation hassles. You're billed once a month or once a year while your
account remains open.
Can I white label this as my own?
Absolutely, and we encourage it! Customize your colors, logo using our themes in the Delenta settings area on your coach portal.
Can I change my plan later?
Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
How does the 14 day free trial work?
You can sign up for a new Delenta account for free and have unlimited access to all features for 14 days. After your 14 day trial you'll need to purchase a monthly or an annual subscription if you want to continue to use the service.
How do I cancel my subscription?
No worries, there are no longer-term commitments or complicated contracts. If you feel Delenta is not what you were looking for you can easily cancel your subscription from your dashboard settings area OR you can simply email us at support@delenta.com.
Are there any other add-ons or hidden costs?
No. We don't charge you anything extra.
Is my information secure and private?
Data protection and data security is more important than ever and a top priority at Delenta. To prove we really mean it, at Delenta we offer our customers a platform with certified data protection including state of the art security. An independent on site audit by a renowned certification authority approved Delenta’s data protection based on: – compliance with legal requirements for data protection (such as the GDPR) as well as – principles of state of the art IT-security measures in accordance with important aspects of international standards on information security management systems (ISMS) such as ISO 27001.