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About US
It’s all about the community

The entire Delenta team is always focused on fanatically serving our customers. We believe the only way to be successful is to truly listen and create the products and features our customers need and want.


Meaningful Human Interactions and Information & Skill Sharing


Delenta Supports Coaches & Mentors to help them to Connect, Collaborate and Experience


The System Grows as
Your Business Grows!

We’re creating a world where, through technology, we bridge the gap between mentors and mentees, coaches and clients, experts and be a force for good in the World.

Delenta was born with
one purpose in mind to offer a complete, self-improvement experience through coaching & mentoring and powered by highly-intelligent and customisable tools.
And yet, Delenta is so much more than that! We are driven by a guiding belief that the World should, and can, become a better place.....a place where people strive to grow, to improve and to live out their dreams…...a place where those with the ability to help make those dreams a reality. So, we have developed Delenta: a fully-featured, intuitive, online coaching platform which was built from the ground up to help people like you become a positive force for change in the World! Delenta is about making the World a better place, through the seemingly simple act of sharing.

Sharing knowledge, sharing skills, sharing expertise and experience........IT’S ALL ABOUT COMMUNITY - bringing together people who share our dream of a better future and giving them the tools and resources to make that future a reality.

We offer coaches and mentors a top-of-the-range toolset to explore the full potential of their coaching spirit.

Delenta's all-in-one solution makes it easier to scale and grow a successful coaching business.
Until now, coaching and mentoring have largely been seen as “face to face” processes, but as technology continues to evolve, it’s now possible to affect the lives of people we’ve never met in person. Take your business global......reach out and help more people! Online coaching and mentoring can bring together like-minded people regardless of physical and geographical boundaries. Delenta harnesses and refines that technology, allowing you to manage and deliver every aspect of your coaching business online.
Our Mission
To bridge the gap between coaches and clients through technology.

Empower coaches, mentors, consultants and experts, by simplifying admin and supporting them holistically to scale and grow their online coaching business effortlessly.

Sam Samarasinghe
founder of Delenta