New feature

your Delenta!

White label your client’s onboarding experience!
Add your own personalised messages, brand colours,
logo, email templates & message content to welcome
your clients to their dedicated client portal.


Create a bespoke  
client onboarding experience!

You can now add your own logo & welcome message
and also upload an onboarding video for a seamless
client onboarding experience.

Whitelabel your
email templates
and message content

This feature allows you to edit all of the system
generated email messages and preview your
customised emails with the Send to Myself button.


Personalise your client’s private portal with your brand colours and logo!

- Make your coaching platform truly yours, brand your client portal with your company logo, colour schemes, and also get a customisable landing page which can be linked to your website.

- Your clients have 24/7 access to a secure and simple-to-use private client portal to securely access tasks and notes, files for an effortless online coaching experience.

Create your own, unique
customer experience.

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