associates +  clients  + Courses +  tools under one roof

Scale Your Coaching Programs
and increase the impact

Say goodbye to disconnected tools and wasted admin hours. Streamline your operations, enhance customer experience and boost your revenue.
The Multi-Coach Platform That's Truly Yours

Tools consolidated
to one
Increase in client
Hours saved on admin
task each week

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A coaching management platform designed to adapt to your brand and your needs. With our customizable features, you can tailor the platform to reflect your brand , creating a seamless and personalized experience for your clients.
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Why Delenta?

Your team +  clients +  coaching tools
All under your branded platform
Deliver superior customer experiences, streamline coach onboarding, and scale your coaching business with Delenta. 
Multi coach Platform
Data-driven business outcomes
Our platform eliminates the need for multiple tools, saving you time and reducing tech troubles. Instead of juggling different systems, you can focus on what you love - coaching.

But we don't just simplify your operations. Delenta is designed to measurably impact key business outcomes. Our clients have seen improved customer experiences, increased revenue, and enhanced scalability. All from one powerful digital suite.
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Tool consolidated
from 12 + previous tools
Increase in client
Hours saved on admin
task each month
Admin portal
Powerful tools
More control
Bring your entire business online seamlessly, allowing you to scale your coaching.
Connect Coaches & Clients
Track & Measure Progress
Easy to set up and manage sessions
Resource & Account Management
Superior Customer
Monitor your clients' progress & goals with features like goal setting, progress tracking, and reporting. Communicate with your clients via GDPR secure client portal with video conferencing, chat, and file sharing.
Goal setting & rewards
Boost client engagement with user friendly client portal
Live chat with coach
Resources & Digital Courses
Session notes & Task
GDPR secured
client portal
Simplify Coach
Delenta simplifies the coach onboarding process, saving you time and resources.
Onboard new coaches with ease
Custom branded coach profiles with calendar
Ensure coaches are matched with the right clients.
Track progress across engagements and programs.
Coaching Logs & CPD
on the go!
Make your coaching accessible anywhere, anytime with one click. Open up a whole wide range of new opportunities with mobile coaching.
Real time chat feature
Assign tasks & upload resources on the move.
Create sessions, Share notes, Assign tasks and add contacts with just a few clicks.
Stay up-to-date on your clients progress with
push notifications
client portal
Simplified pricing
We believe that great tools shouldn't break the bank and should be accessible to everyone.  That's why Delenta is priced affordably, so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.
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