associates +  clients  + Courses +  tools under one roof

Streamline your coaching programs

with Delenta enterprise solution

No more disconnected tools and wasted admin hours. Seamlessly bring your whole business online and enjoy doing the work you love from a single virtual platform without tech hassle.

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If you're serious about to scaling your coaching business, then you need a smarter solution. Learn more about what it takes to streamline & scale with Delenta.
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Why Delenta?

Your team +  clients +  coaching tools
All under one roof
Discover how Delenta measurably impacts key business outcomes for organisations like yours. Simplify your operations, improve customer experience, increase revenue, and enhance scalability with one powerful digital suite.
Powerful tools.
More control.
Get full visibility and control for your business with Super admin portal
Connect Coaches & Clients
Track & Measure Progress
Easy to set up and manage sessions
Resource & Account Management
Coaching Logs & CPD
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Client management
Monitor your clients' progress & goals with features like goal setting, progress tracking, and reporting. Communicate with your clients via GDPR secure client portal with video conferencing, chat, and file sharing.
Goal setting & rewards
Boost client engagement with user friendly client portal
Live chat with coach
Resources & Digital Courses
Session notes & Task
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Data-driven business outcomes
With Delenta, you can increase your revenue, reduce your costs, enhance your client experience, improve the scalability of your programs, and foster innovation in the coaching landscape.
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Tool consolidated
from 12 + previous tools
Increase in client
Hours saved on admin
task each week
Scalable pricing
for your growing business
We believe that great tools shouldn't break the bank and should be accessible to everyone.  That's why Delenta is priced affordably, so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.
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Our partners. Our clients.
They love us.
Delenta is not just a platform. It's a movement. A movement that aims to make coaching accessible, affordable, and impactful for everyone. A movement that celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of each coach, learner, and client. A movement that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth.
Your team +  clients +  coaching tools
Always together.
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